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A brief introduction...

Copper CloudTM Software Limited is a UK based software development company that can help your organisation with the full software development lifecycle from inception through to deployment. We also provide solutions, tools and resources which can ease the software development process.

We pride ourselves on taking a jargon free approach to the design and development of our clients software and making sure that it exceeds their expectations allowing them to achieve their maximum potential. With experience across many industries we pride ourselves on producing high quality software solutions.

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Our Expertise

Our founder and company director has been successfully developing software since 1995 during which time has acquired an in-depth knowledge of many technologies some of which are described below.

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ASP.Net is our first choice when it comes to creating our Web Apps, Web Api's and Microservices. It has proven to us that it is the right tooling when it comes to creating fast, scalable and secure apps when combined with the MVC pattern.

All of our own solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud and this is our cloud platform of choice. Many clients are asking us to migrate their in house applications on to Azure and they are all experiencing substantial cost benefits.

Bootstrap is our goto front-end component library when is comes to quick prototyping of Web Apps. When combined with JQuery we can quickly implement responsive designs for our clients.

We've been developing all kinds of Apps over the past 20 years using the C# programming language since its inception back in 2000. The language has grown in strength over the years and we are still impressed with it today at version 8.0.

HTML has come a long way since the days when it could hardly handle page layouts. We use HTML5 combined with javascript frameworks such as Vue and user interface frameworks such as Quasar to create functionally rich web applications that can meet the requirements of most applications.

jQuery is a popular, fast and lightweight JavaScript library. We have used it extensively combined with jQuery UI for providing feature rich web applications that are css3 and cross browser compliant where high performance is required.

A large number of our clients are using Oracle as their relational database management system. We are not experts in Oracle database development but we have created many applications that use Oracle as the Dbms.

Quasar is an up and coming, high performance, Material Design 2, front-end UI framework. It is our UI framework of choice when developing Vue.js based web applications. This web page was constructed using Quasar and all of the front-ends to our solutions are being re-written using Quasar.

We have used RabbitMQ message broker with a number of implementations when connecting distributed systems. The most recent is an integration for a client with the Intraday trading platforms offered by Epex Spot.

Whenever we build Web APIs we recommend that they are implemented following the RESTful architectural style.

Our relational database management system of choice is Microsoft Sql Server. All of our most recent solutions have used it in conjunction with the Entity Framework with great success and it allows us to create applications very quickly without compromising on performance and scalability.

When we first saw the Javascript Framework Vue.js we were impressed at how intuitive it was and enjoyable to create our web applications. It is our Javascript Framework of choice and we have started re-writing our own solutions using it as its such an improvement of the other frameworks we have used.

Our Solutions

Copper CloudTM develops and maintains a range of software solutions that can be purchased and used off the shelf or customised and developed to suit the needs of the client.

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Totally Bookable
Event & Venue Booking System
Manage your venue, events and bookings through our generic, fast, beautiful and easy to use booking system. Anything that is bookable can be managed by this system.
Features Flexibility Can be used in many different scenarios such as booking theatre tickets, hotel reservations, vehicle servicing or salon appointments Notifications Automatically sends booking notifications and confirmations to your customers Integration Can be integrated into your existing website or application to provide availability search, accept bookings, payments and amendments using RESTful Web APIs Customisation Manage your own bookable items, discounts and resources. Define the information you want to capture about your customers. Website generation If you don't have a website then it can generate one for you.
Interactive Member
Member Relationship Manager
Provides the ability to manage a membership scheme including membership levels, benefits and member details.
Features Customisation Manage your own scheme, membership levels, benefits and discount codes. Define the information you want to capture about your members Consent Management Ability to obtain and manage your members consents in a compliant manner when combined with our Consent Management Tool Communication Ability to send communications to all of your members using our Messageing Service Notifications Automatically sends member notifications and membership renewals when required Integration Can be integrated into your existing website or application to provide scheme information, accept member applications and renewals using RESTful Web APIs
Message Box
Messaging Service
Send emails to multiple contacts in a managed way using this service.
Features Customisation Define templates with placeholders to insert the contact information to create personalised emails Contacts Supports multiple file formats for contacts Tracking Keep track of which emails have been sent and when Automatic retries If an email failed to send due to a network error then it will automatically retry Integration Email and templates can be managed using RESTful Web APIs and easily integrated to your application
Consent Management Tool
Make GDPR compliance easier by keeping track of your consents using this tool
Features Customisation Define your agreements including the purpose, actions, third parties, consent options and period of validity Capture Records when a user consents to an agreement, how they consented, the consent options given and withdrawn and calculates when it expires Notifications Can automatically notify you and the consenter when a consent it about to expire Automatic censorship When a consent is expired the user information is automatically censored from you unless the consenter renews Integration All functionality can be managed using RESTful Web APIs and easily integrated into your website or application
Development Platform
Our core framework & Api for all .Net developments. Contains many features some of which are described below.
Features Diagnostics A universal approach to logging and instrumentation with support for many formats. Works in conjunction with a context provider to capture all environmental state when an issue occurs Context Provider Manages a customisable application context for all processes and threads Security Provides a framework for being able to model many different types of authentication and authorisation scenarios Validation Provides a framework for being able to model many different types of data validation scenarios Helpers Providers many helpers for tasks such as Serialzation, Deployment, Compression, Encryption, Localisation, Paging, Rendering & Parsing
Data Synchronisation Api
Synchronise any data types seemlessly between two remote systems using this fully customisable Api
Features Customisation Define your data source system and how retrieve data and define your target data system and how to publish data Transparent The status of all synchronisation processes are recorded and the status of the data types can be retrieved at any time Scheduling Create a schedule of when to perform the synchronisation and how often in a given period Notifications Keeps track of all synchronisations and informs you when there is an issue Scalability Can handle multiple concurrent synchronisations and is load balance aware
Automated Test Tool
Perform automated end-to-end integration testing on any IT system to ensure the quality of every deployment time after time
Features Customisation Define your test definitions with expected results and how to connect to the system to be tested Record Mode Ability to capture the expected results before any changes are made to a system to create a before and after comparison or to just replay the same tests as a means of a data check Generate Reports Generates an easy to read html test report of the result for each test and highligts any failures Invocation Can be invoked from the command line or scheduled to run the tests out of hours Track Performance Can be configured record how long certain tests take to run to create a performance report
Flowsio (BETA)
Cash Flow & Payment Tracker
Manage your organisations financial health by keeping track of all incoming and outgoing cash flow with our cash flow tracker application.
Features Customisation Define your income and expenditure categories, payment types, currencies and thresholds. Capture Records all income and expenditure which can be viewed at any time in a cash flow report Notifications Continuously calculates your cash flow and alerts you when it exceeds your threshold Exportable All information captured can be exported to a number of file formats including csv, excel and pdf Integration All functionality can be managed using RESTful Web APIs and easily integrated into your website or application
Invogeni (BETA)
Invoice Generator
Generate, send and keep track of your sales invoices with this tool.
Features Customisation Define your invoice templates and payment terms. Generate Raise an invoice, generate as pdf file and send them to your customer for payment Notifications Keeps track of all invoices raised and notifies bot you and the customer when payment is over due Exportable All information captured can be exported to a number of file formats including csv, excel and pdf Integration All functionality can be managed using RESTful Web APIs and easily integrated into your website or application
Copper Cloud Portal
Our customer web portal that allows all of our solutions to be managed and configured in one place
Features Easy to use interface Taking inspiration and guidance from the Material Design Specification for best practice user interface design OAuth2 support Authorization to the portal can be integrated with any OAuth2 provider Responsive design Automatically resizes, shrink or enlarges to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones) Progressive Features can be added or removed from the portal to meet the needs of the customer Azure Active Directory Can be integrated with your organisations Azure Active Directory to ease managing access rights

Industry Experience

With over 25 years of experience working in the Automotive, Banking, Education, Energy Trading, and Tourism industries we have gained an wealth of experience integrating and working with with some of the following systems.

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Connectivity Partnering

Using the connectivity APIs we have developed solutions that integrate with room availability, reservations and prices.

This has enabled property owners to have their own booking systems and websites stay in synchronisation with this sales platform and avoid double bookings and never miss out on potential sales.

Power Trading Integration

We have worked with our Energy Trading clients to connect their internal trading systems with the Day-Ahead and Intraday trading platforms offered by Epex Spot.

The software provides a transparent, scalable and fully configurable solution that enables both Order and Trading data to be synchronised in a fast, continuous and guaranteed manner.

Aligne Trading System

A popular trading system with our clients and we have provided software and tooling to enable them to seemlessly integrate it with various markets and exchanges in the Energy Industry.

It provides data conformance, mapping and translation tools that can be configured to meet the needs of our client when capturing Trade and Market data.

Third party Api Integrations

Google provides a wealth of APIs for developers to use to help build powerful and advanced solutions. Modern application development doesn't need to start from scratch and these APIs allow us to turn our clients ideas into reality much faster.

We have experience of working with a number of these APIs to develop some amazing bespoke software for our clients. Examples of these include Search, Gmail, Translate or Google Maps.

Power Trading Integration

Our advanced solutions have also helped our Energy Trading clients to connect their internal trading systems with the Day-Ahead, Auction and Intraday trading platforms offered by Nord Pool.

We have been able to prove how easily we can scale and reconfigure our solutions to be able to integrate with additional exchanges but still provide fast, continuous and guaranteed Order and Trading data synchronisation.

Power Trading Integration

We have worked with our Energy Trading clients to connect their internal trading systems with the trading services offered by Nasdaq for European commodity trading.

Using the FIX protocol we were able to connect to the Nasdaq Genium INET APIs and synchronise trade in a fast, continuous and guaranteed manner in the same way as for EPEX and Nord Pool.

Office Integration

Microsoft exposes APIs for deploying, developing, administering and integrating software with Office 365.

We have worked with some of these APIs in helping clients seemlessly integrate their line of business applications with Microsoft Office products such as Outlook and SharePoint.

Payment Processing Integration

Many of our clients ask for the ability for their websites to be able to accept payments online. The PayPal API's offer a whole lot more than just taking payments these days and its a popular choice.

We have integrated a number of applications with PayPal using their RESTful and Classic API's.

Shipping Information Integration

The Royal Mail provides many API's to help with shipping, postage and online tracking.

We have worked with client's to leverage these API's and help them improve their operating processes and streamline their shipping activities.

Power Trading Integration

Trayport provides trading platform connectivity between Traders, Brokers and Exchanges. Our Energy Trading clients want to be able to connect their internal trading systems to this platform to capture deals, manage prices, risk & position.

The API offered by Trayport is called Joule Direct and integrated using COM+. We have provided solutions to connect to these API's and synchronise data.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Copper CloudTM. You hopefully now have a better idea of what we do. We are passionate about our software, technology and solutions. Let's work together to reach your goals.

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